Are you a provider or practitioner who wants to contribute to a growing body of 21st century evidence regarding certain technologies or clinical applications?

NFIM is committed to sponsoring and sharing research opportunities and initiatives with you.  We will team with you and work to obtain funding, IRB, data collection, data analysis and output reporting as appropriate.

Our research tenets:

  • In GOD we trust; everyone else needs reproducible and transparent data.
  • We are open to everything, vested in nothing driven only to follow the evidence.
  • We prioritize clinical efficacy and safety and then costs.
  • We don’t pick winning technologies, but explore them all and let the evidence guide the clinical communities and patients the market (patients and providers) can make truly informed clinical decisions.
  • We will work to share all raw and processed data and will never withhold study outcomes – as negative studies are as or more valuable to advancing knowledge and can also save lives.
  • We will never gag any investigator as is commonly done in some circumstances.

NFIM has an impressive informatics platform that can connect you and other researchers around the world in ways that have not been done previously.  Our informatics team is experienced running global healthcare informatics systems for both human and animal applications.

Our current research areas of interest:

    • Bio-Energetic Devices that treat and/or diagnose more safely then current allopathic techniques or approaches
    • Pain control without opiates or controlled substances with objective outcome evidence
    • Traumatic Brain Injury Diagnosis with objective outcome evidence.
    • PTSD treatments with objective outcome evidence
    • Post Surgical Pain control without Opiates or controlled substances with objective outcome evidence
    • Wound healing with objective outcome evidence of decreased healing time for difficult wounds
    • All Educational Initiatives
    • Childhood epidemic abnormalities with objective outcome evidence of improvement
    • Obesity
    • Attention Deficit Disorder
    • Autism
    • Behavior issues
    • Cognitive Issues of all types
    • Scoliosis interventions
    • Preventive Medicine Issues
      • National and Global Disaster Assistance
      • Emerging Zoonotic Disease Surveillance
    • Informatics and Decision Support tools for gathering & reporting clinical evidence
    • Cyber protection of health care data & systems
    • Genomic and Epi-Genomic integration into Functional / Integrative clinical practices
    • Pharmacogenomics
    • Nutriogenomics

Consider Joining our Research Initiatives

Become part of this grass root movement that will change health care for all.  We’re depending on each of you – if you don’t care, who will?