NFIM is committed to providing our professional colleagues and your practice with cutting-edge, proven and safer technology options for your practice.  Our metric is better clinical outcomes for your patients.   Your clinical and financial success is essential for NFIM’s objectives to be realized.  Please join with us in changing the American medical paradigm from ‘Health Care’ to ‘Health’.    We intend to make ‘Health’ as profitable for you as ‘Health Care’.

Our team includes physicians, informaticists, researchers, data scientists, and medical business experts from around the country.  We embrace Western and Eastern approaches and objectively look at all global evidence. We seek collaboration with all providers, at all levels within the health care system who want better outcomes for their patients.  We will agnostically share evidence training and ‘turn-key’ transition materials necessary for you to move beyond your current practice.  Our tenet remains – ‘in God we Trust, Everyone else needs to bring data’!  We will provide finished technology assessment forums and can offer you world-class informatics and platform support to contribute to a diverse set of communities of interest (COI).  NFIM will support clinical research by teaming with you to obtain resources, conduct research and discovering new evidence.

Are you a like-minded provider?  Have you tired at merely handing out pharmaceutical solutions to your patients without really getting to the underlying cause of their acute or chronic problem?  If so, please consider joining our consortium of clinicians just like you.  The time has come where all of us can contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge.  Many of the ‘high priests’ of medicine have let us down over the last 50 years.

Are you ready to try something new?

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Become part of this grass root movement that will change health care for all.  We’re depending on each of you – if you don’t care, who will?