Are you or someone you know or love in pain or have a chronic medical condition?
Did you know it takes over 18 years for new technologies to transition into your doctor’s office?
It doesn’t have to take that long – Our families and loved ones can’t wait that long.

NFIM searches globally for new, safer and better solutions for you and your family.
Our goal is to shorten the technology transition cycle from 18 to 2 years by 2027.
Come join us as we guide America back to becoming one of the top 5 healthiest countries by 2030.

NFIM Project Summary

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NFIM Drives Better & Safer Outcomes

NFIM is a Non-Profit Foundation committed to finding 21st century medical solutions.  Our goals are simple: safely restore your vibrant health; support transformational Research and Development (R&D); drive technology transition into clinical practice; assist practitioners with CME,  education and technology options; and ultimately guide our nation back to health.  We do not accept chronic illness as the normal condition for your family, your loved ones or our nation.   America now ranks last in overall health of industrialized countries according to several sources. This, despite the billions we spend on health care through your taxes and insurance co-payments.  The current system is focused on ‘Health Care’ rather than on ‘Health’ and we will change that.

Sadly, without rapid significant change, 18 years on the same trajectory will render many folks quite ill with chronic pain and illness.

NFIM searches globally for evidence based treatments that are safe and effective.
Our goal is to shorten the technology transition cycle from 18 to 2 years by 2027.  We will guide America to becoming one of the top 5 of healthiest countries by 2030.

Come join us!   
We need your help to reach these goals as NFIM drives better and safer outcomes. If you don’t help us take responsibility, who will?


NFIM: A 501(c)3 Charitable Organization

Education and Resources

For Patients

NFIM is committed to you and your family’s vibrant health!  That’s the only reason we exist.   Join our growing community and meet other patients, parents and grandparents wanting to be informed about 21st century strategies, technologies and health options available for you today.

For Veterans

Veterans have a special place in NFIM’s heart.

Americans struggle to understand why our ‘grateful’ nation can’t quite figure out how to really help when you are in pain, or broken from your heroic service to our country.  NFIM is committed to returning service for your sacrifice of good health.

For Providers

NFIM is committed to providing our professional colleagues with cutting-edge, proven and safer technology options for your practice.  Our metric is better clinical outcomes for your patients.   Your clinical and financial success is essential for NFIM’s objectives to be realized.  Please join with us in changing the American medical paradigm from ‘Health Care’ to ‘Health’.    We intend to make ‘Health’ as profitable for you as ‘Health Care’.

For Researchers

Are you a researcher or clinician / practitioner who wants to contribute to a growing body of 21st century evidence regarding novel technologies or clinical applications?    NFIM is committed to sponsoring, supporting and sharing research opportunities and initiatives with you.


NFIM recognizes that we must change the American paradigm from ‘Health Care’ to ‘Health’.  This shift requires a fundamentally different relationship between patients and their doctors.  Informed consumers are critical to driving these changes into the market place.  Health education must start in grade school and continue through post doctoral training. Our vision includes providing ‘ALL’ the evidence and allows people to make their own ‘truly informed’ decisions about their health goals. Responsibility and accountability are key tenets, but that requires truthful information and knowledge at every level.  No one chooses to be chronically ill.  NFIM is committed to providing educators with facts and materials so they can teach at all levels.

Meet Our Executive Team

Our executive and advisory teams have global medical and education experience leading $6 billion global health care systems.  They personally have been on all sides of the issues – executives; patients; survivors; researchers; parents seeking safe and effective care for their families; and national policy and decision makers.  Their demonstrated accomplishments speak for themselves.

Board of Directors

Executive Team

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Senior Advisory Board

Clinical Advisory Team

Veteran Advisory Team

Evidence Based Medicine

Did you know that the government reports that 104,000 Americans died of adverse drug reactions in a 12-month period?  There’s no evidence that number is getting smaller. We all are at risk – even more so if you take multiple medications – and that’s unfortunately too many Americans.

Have you ever felt that the medical advertisements in the media or on TV do not tell the whole story?  It’s even hard for medical professionals to know which scientific literature is biased and based on significant financial conflicts of interest.  
‘A society that loses its scientific integrity is blind – unable to see its true way foreword … and will spiral downward as a society’
The first step in addressing scientific integrity is recognizing there is a problem.  Did you know that only about 17% of the medical standards have real evidence behind them?  The rest is merely ‘expert’ opinion.  Frequently, this same expert opinion is financially conflicted.
NFIM is working with academic and industrial partners to expand the discussion and provide education of how ‘Evidence Based Medicine’ concepts are used, misused and how to tell the difference in clinical applications.

Please make a donation to help NFIM create the tools so your doctor will be able to have all the information required for informed clinical decision making. Your life literally depends on it. Please join us.