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Current Projects

Fostering Innovation.

NFIM searches globally for new, safer and better solutions for you and your family. Our goal is to shorten the technology transition cycle, bringing tomorrow’s innovation to today’s healthcare.

Our Collective Goals:

  • Shorten the technology transition cycle from 18 to 2 years by 2027

  • Guide America back to becoming one of the top 5 healthiest countries by 2030

2020 Study Initiatives

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Opioid Crisis

Innovative solutions in combating the epidemic.

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Veteran Quick
Reaction Force

Thanking our veterans with actions.

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Capturing the actionable evidence.

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The next era of medicine.

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Determining best in class begins with evidence.

‘A society that loses its scientific integrity is blind – unable to see its true way foreword … and will spiral downward as a society.’


Concurrent Studies

NFIM strives to identify and assess the most impactful healthcare innovations of our time.


Informatics Platform

Exclusive to NFIM, our DOD developed Informatics Platform creates a superior data collection and analysis environment.

Who we serve.

At NFIM, we focus our education and resources on the populations that matter most.

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Patients: Our Commitment to Your Family

NFIM is committed to you and your family’s vibrant health! That’s the only reason we exist. Join our growing community and meet other patients, parents and grandparents wanting to be informed about 21st century strategies, technologies and health options available for you today.

Clinicians: Building our national provider network

NFIM is committed to providing our professional colleagues and your practice with cutting-edge, proven and safer technology options for your practice. Our metric is better clinical outcomes for your patients. Please join with us in changing the American medical paradigm from ‘Health Care’ to ‘Health’.

Veterans: Our service men and women have a special place in NFIM’s heart.

Americans struggle to understand why our ‘grateful’ nation can’t quite figure out how to really help when you are in pain, or broken from your heroic service to our country. NFIM is committed to returning service back for your sacrifice of health.

NFIM Membership Benefits

Are you a provider or practitioner who wants to contribute to a growing body of 21st century evidence regarding certain technologies or clinical applications. NFIM is committed to sponsoring and sharing research opportunities and initiatives with you. We will team with you and work to obtain funding, IRB, data collection, data analysis and output reporting as appropriate.

Making a difference in healthcare. In real time.

Healthcare Providers are strongly encouraged to join the NFIM initiatives through an annual donation, as well as become involved in our research initiatives.

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