Supporting veterans when it matters most.

Building our Quick Reaction Force (QRF) through donations and the NFIM provider network.

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The NFIM Veteran Quick Reaction Force

Veterans have a special place in NFIM’s heart.

Americans struggle to understand why our ‘grateful’ nation can’t quite figure out how to really help when you are in pain, or broken from your heroic service to our country. NFIM is committed to returning service back for your sacrifice of health.

Most of NFIM’s senior leaders are veterans. Many of our staff are medics and continue to believe their service to you has never ended – even in retirement. We enjoy two retired Surgeons General; an Assistant Surgeon General; Command Surgeons as well as rank & file retired military docs and medics who gladly contribute time every day – still ‘showing up’ for service and still for you.

Many in and out government agree ‘the system’ is broken despite promises to fix it -and billions spent on it – yet the failures are evident all around. We know of so many heart-breaking stories that haunt us of veterans being left out, literally and figuratively in the cold. This is just wrong! We want this fixed!

NFIM has committed to create an entire NFIM Division dedicated to Veteran Services. As we grow, so will our services and advocacy for you. We are creating a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) to assist vets in medical trouble who are unable to get help from the ‘system’. We have set our first goal to raise $1,750,000.00 for this Quick Reaction Force function that will assist veterans in pain, PTSD & TBI. Our aim is to link the vet with a veteran buddy and with 21st century clinical solutions and treatments that really work. Our staff has already helped spec op guys, aviators, sailors, soldiers and folks just like you ranging from privates to generals. When you are hurt, rank doesn’t seem to matter just getting well does. You are special to us merely through your service to our country – not your rank. If someone served, and needs medical help, we will commit to showing up and trying to never leave them behind. This same promise brought each of us comfort in combat is now a promise NFIM wants to repeat in civilian service to you. We will be as effective as our resources allow, but we promise to try. Those who haven’t served likely don’t understand, but you do! We were a grateful nation when you wrote the check pledging your body for the nation; and NFIM has not forgotten what you stepped up to do. May we never forget!

We are creating a referral network of providers who will treat a wide range of pain with FDA cleared solutions and without opiates whenever possible. There are many technologies that work and we know should be tried first. Our other technology partners and clinicians can objectively and quantifiably diagnose TBI – finally making the invisible brain injuries of the past 20 years visible. The DoD now has this diagnostic capability. We continue to try to work with the Veterans Administration. We are actively searching for veterans’ organizations to team with us. Please contact us.

Fund-raising for this NFIM mission is a top priority. We recognize this mission set is truly life and death for the 25 veterans committing suicide each day and for the rest who suffer silently in pain and have lost hope that their nation remembers them. Please help us through any donation you can afford to help our Brothers and Sisters get the help they need in those times where the ‘official’ systems fail them.

As the Executive Director of NFIM, and as a service academy graduate and veteran, I pledge to each veteran and each donor contributing to this mission, that every cent of every dollar raised will be used exclusively for helping veterans in medical need.

Business and corporate leaders; please rise to the need and help us by donating frequent miles, excess hotel rooms or even better, take a 3:1 pledge tripling the annual donations that individual veterans squeeze out of their savings to help their brothers and sister veterans stay alive and to eventually thrive again.

Please come join us in service to our veterans! This is a common debt for all Americans!


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